RENOLIT REFACE is a multi-layer film that was especially developed for flat metal facades, HPL-boards and aluminium coffers. With RENOLIT REFACE you can refresh the shell of a building quickly, cost-effectively, and durably. The weather-resistant film covers metal facades or facade elements like a second layer of skin and lets them radiate. The special stiffness of the film enables on-site application even in windy conditions without a problem. At the same time, RENOLIT REFACE is flexible enough to be applied around edges and corners. The products' "Air Release Technology" prevents the creation of air bubbles. Moreover, small positioning errors can be easily corrected as the film can be repositioned before the adhesive begins to harden.

    What makes our facade film special


    Variety in decor (wood & fantasy decors). Design and creation by plotting ability of the foil. Chalking excluded when using film.


    The facade film is flame retardant. The silk-matt embossed, textured surface levels out slight unevenness. Unlike paint coats, foils have a uniform thickness.


    10 years warranty. Uniform thickness of the film even on edges.


    Masking of edge areas & protection of floor coverings not required. Preparation and protection measures very low when using foil. No odor nuisance for processors and wider environment.


    Foiling guarantees fast, easy and cost-effective processing. No large initial purchases, no requirements for protective coverings during processing. No building use restrictions.


    Due to its smooth surface, the film is less susceptible to dirt adhesion and can be cleaned more easily. For the facade film there is 10 years warranty regardless of cleaning requirements.


    During processing, there is at no time a health hazard due to e.g. inhalation of spray mist. There are no specifications for protective clothing or respiratory protection during foiling for the processors.



    No odor nuisance for processors and other environment.

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    It's the inner values that count



    The recipe for success behind the durability, UV resistance and stain-resistant surface is simply due to the multi-layer structure of the renovation film.                                     

    Each individual layer contributes to the benefits that we can guarantee based on long-term tests and independent expert opinions.

    RENOLIT REFACE is a multi-layer facade film that combines the excellent weather resistance of acrylic films with the universal color variety of high quality pigmented vinyl films. A special flour-carbon layer makes the surface easy to clean and prevents strongly adhering dirt.
    The surface is slightly textured and semi-matt, which prevents annoying reflections and levels out slight imperfections in the substrate. The high-performance acrylate glue is weather and light resistant and ensures quick and easy application without solvent emissions. Due to the low weight of the material, no further fastening is required. Plastic-coated and stably peelable siliconized paper is used as the backing material/liner on both sides.


    Sample Ordering

    You think the advantages of our facade film sound interesting?

    Then order our DIN A4 samples now, easily and free of charge, and see for yourself! Get your own impression of our innovative product and let the colors and structures of the film surface have an effect on you.

    Due to the size of our samples you can perfectly hold our RENOLIT REFACE to your facade and match it.

    Nothing there? Then use our Color Match offer and let us produce your foil color individually. This way, each of our customers gets the perfect solution for a sustainable and modern facade design!

    Click here for our color selection!


    This is what our facade foil RENOLIT REFACE can do



    Our facade film RENOLIT REFACE is not only characterized by a beautiful design, it also offers many practical advantages as well as a 10-year warranty.

    In this video, Rouven Schiedhelm takes you on a journey to exciting objects and shows you the advantages of our facade foil on the basis of our projects.

    Click on the video now and convince yourself of our innovative facade foil!






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