RENOLIT TECNOGOR does not release fibers in the production environment and no fibers migrate in the final parts because all glass fibers are completely embedded

    Adriano Odino Technical Director Composites

    The Product

    RENOLIT TECNOGOR is a light-weight thermoplastic composite material based on polypropylene and glass fibers extruded in sheets or rolls. It is a highly formable substrate, which can be provided with textiles or films applied on the surfaces and formed in a glue free one-step process.



    • No free fibers
    • Odour-free
    • Highly formable
    • Customized
    • High stiffness
    • Flexibility for different aesthetics


    • One-step process
    • Glue free
    • Re-use of cut-off trim
    • Safety:
      • No fibers released into the production environment
      • Smooth edges of the finished parts


        • Reliable technical support
        • Fast reaction time
        • Thermoforming know-how
        • Low minimum order quantity
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