Welcome to RENOLIT Healthcare

    “What we would have told you, if we had met at the CPhI Worldwide Exhibition 2020.”

    The world is changing

    Global pandemics, social distancing, climate change, aging populations, economic challenges – the world around us is changing with an enormous speed.

    No aspect of our life and work is untouched.

    This is especially perceivable in our market: the healthcare sector, with its own challenges, old and new ones.

    RENOLIT MEDICAL had to change

    For more than 50 years and with profound stakes in reliability and quality, we have been one of the world’s leading producers of semi finished polymer products like film and tubes for the medical field. Last year we took the time to reflect on our legacy, had a holistic look into the future and developed a new strategy for ourself.

    How we will work with customers and partners in the future and defined fields for improvement in terms of innovation, sustainability and service orientation. Beside the new strategy this is manifested in a new positioning and a new name.

    Please welcome RENOLIT Healthcare

    To reflect that we see us beyond just MEDICAL we changed our name to RENOLIT Healthcare standing for our RENOLIT heritage and the wider area of Healthcare.

    This wider scope is also reflected in our new positioning: being a provider of innovative healthcare solutions in strong partnership. We are so energized by this, that we made a little video about it.


    Together Towards Health

    In a changing global environment, we embrace our responsibility for today’s and future generations. we are deeply committed to transform creative ideas to advanced, responsible market- ready solutions.

    Our new key visual combined with our tagline Together Towards Health symbolizes the RENOLIT Quality & Expertise on the one side and the Partnership & Cooperation with you on the other and a combined area where we both together take healthcare to the next level with innovative solutions.

    Cooperation truly lived

    Innovation is no fleeting star

    Drawing on our experience with high value polymer films RENOLIT Healthcare has developed to an innovative solutions provider. Our three global innovation centers in Europe, United States of America and China are the incubators to pick up the most current developments in order to bring them into new materials, applications

    and devices. We bring external expertise into the process by establishing new partnerships with experts in their field, like the Munich based 3D printing start-up KUMOVIS or the experts from Photanol B.V. in Amsterdam who develop and produce circular carbon materials.

    Sustainability in circles

    We care for our environment. RENOLIT Healthcare as a developer and producer of medical-grade high-value polymer solutions, is striving for a more holistic and circular solution.

    Under the umbrella name of Circular Carbon Management we established a years long initiative considering all aspects of raw materials, production, transportation, use, disposing and recycling.

    The above mentioned partnership with Photanol B.V. is an integral part of this initiative.

    Your global sparring partner

    With our five global production sites we offer a back-up production if desired by our customers. We are also at your service at your production facilities to optimize your output.

    Amongst our three global innovation centers in Europe, United States of America and China, the Amsterdam Innovation Center (AIC) is the flagship. There, we work together with our partner companies beyond discipline or teams and develop new ideas.

    Sounds interesting?

    We find too. Our sales team is eager to tell you more. Please click on the button below and send us an email. We will get in touch with you as quick as possible.