Safer slides with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

This swimming pool of design in a private house next to the sea is totally lined. The perfect reinforced liner because of its resistance, beauty and with an ideal colour for swimming pools that are in places with a lot of light. It reflects the sky blue colour and gives a Caribbean tone to the water with incredible brightness.

This swimming pool was made only 6 months ago in by a Barcelona company specializing in the installation of reinforced liners in swimming pools all over the world. 

The land, were the swimming pool was built, was considerably uneven and the owner insisted on having a swimming pool which complemented his large garden where one can swim and take advantage of the spectacular views of the sea. The option was clear, the best solution when you have a slope or unevenness is to build an overflowing swimming pool, “infinity pool”, which apart from solving the problem of unevenness of the land also creates swimming pools open to the horizon and with unique views.

If also, like in this case, there is an extraordinary landscape which unites the swimming pool, views and guarantees enjoyment.

In the photos we can appreciate the flexibility of the. The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced liner is ideal for these type of swimming pools and for any with irregular shapes, steps and in and outs. It will adapt perfectly to any strange or different shape of any swimming pool.