Cost-effective, and rapid construction of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN pool in Diessen

Such phenomena generate minor events which usually fall within the category of microseisms, i.e., tremors which can only be detected by seismographs. Hundreds of events of this type are generated every day, without us realising it.

In most cases, the earthquakes or seismic movements may eventually cause damage or cracks to the pool vessel. Every year, millions of earthquakes occur in Europe, and even though they are not noticeable and nothing is said about them, their consequences are more evident than in our homes.

We’ll start this post by announcing two pieces of news, one good and the other, bad. Which one should I start with?

All this means that in less time that you could imagine, your pool will develop cracks and all the water will run out, and it will be practically impossible to repair.

We have the solution to prevent this from happening. The reinforced membrane or reinforced RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liner is the only known covering system that can prevent the pool from losing water.