The combination of the quality of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing membranes, the ideal solar reflectance, and the clear coat make RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roof systems particularly special.

  • Form an ecological perspective:

    • Improved air quality.
    • Lower CO2 emissions (airco,...)
    • Avoidance of "heat islands
    • Included in the ROOFCOLLECT recycling scheme.
  • Cost savings

    • Savings in installation:
      • A single 30m² roll replaces 2 x 3 rolls of two-layer bituminous, i.e. conventional membrane.
    • Structural savings:
      • The membrane is less than one-fifth the weight of conventional, multi-layer solutions.
    • Savings in maintenance:
      • The protective layer makes it harder for dirt to adhere to the roofing membrane, and makes the membrane easier to maintain.
    • Reduced air-conditioning costs.
    • Greater output from solar panels.
  • Fireproofing

    • Installation without naked flame.
    • Fire resistance Broof  t1 to the ENV 1187 (EN 13501-5)

  • Aesthetic appearance 

    • An exceptionally homogeneous white roof area on which the weld seams are barely discernible.
    • Roofing membranes have a clear coat, which reduces soiling.

  • Physical properties

    • Vapour permeability, flexibility, static and dynamic perforation risistance.
  • Durability

    • The white pigmentation and protective coating reinforce the roofing membrane's durable character.




De RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT dakbaan is opgenomen in de lijst van zonreflecterende materialen van het "CRRC". De Cool roof rating council is een onafhankelijke organisatie die op een objectieve manier een lijst opmaakt van al de zonlicht reflecterende material

RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane has been included by the CRRC in its list of solar reflecting materials. The CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) is an independent US organization which maintains an objective list of all materials which reflect sunlight.
At 91%, RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT's reflectance is the highest of any roofing membrane. For more information, visit