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Instructions for the application of RENOLIT POLIQUID

Working material and accessories

RENOLIT Poliquid
  • RENOLIT POLIQUID combi-primer
  • Standard RENOLIT ALKORPLUS81044 cleaner

  • Scissors, tape, sandpaper
  • Paint roller
  • Mixing bucket and stirrer
  • Protective measures
    (gloves, protective eyewear,...)

Poliquid step 1
Poliquid step 2
Poliquid step 3
Poliquid step 4

Mixing instruction

Both RENOLIT POLIQUID and RENOLIT POLIQUID combi-primer have to be activated by means of the RENOLIT POLIQUID catalyst.

1. Thoroughly mix the product in the original can/drum.

2. Decide the amount of resin or primer needed. Do not mix more material than the quantity that can be     installed within the curing time.

3. Add the correct amount of catalyst.

4. Mix thoroughly (2 to 5 min., depending on the temperature)

installation step 1
installation step 2
installation step 3
installation step 4
installation step 5
installation step 6

RENOLIT POLIQUID Installation in six steps

  1. Preparation
  2. Application combi-primer
  3. Application of the first layer RENOLIT POLIQUID resin
  4. Install the polyester fleece for reinforcement
  5. Apply the second layer of RENOLIT POLIQUID resin
  6. Remove the masking tape