RENOLIT DUALFIX - A universal adhesive for roofing

One and the same product for the bonding of roofing membranes and flat roof insulation

Adhesive for roofing membranes and insulation

RENOLIT DUALFIX universal adhesive for roofing is a one component moisture curing polyurethane glue especially created for the bonding of roofing membranes and flat roof insulation board.

The RENOLIT DUALFIX adhesive for roofing is applicable for both new builds and refurbishments.

The advantages of RENOLIT DUALFIX Universal adhesive for roofing

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  • Quick and easy processing
  • The clearly distinguishing blue colour makes sure the adhesive is applied across the whole roof surface
  • Quick and simple connection and removal of the dispensing hose and dispensing accessories make it easy to install insulation and roofing material, alternately with one and the same adhesive.
  • Application possible from +5°C to +35°C
  • The empty canisters can be completely recycled after use (no residue or chemical waste)
  • Free of strong solvents
  • Heat not required, the adhesive is processed cold

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