Solar panels

RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR The ultralight fastening system for solar panels

Ecological RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system

The ultralight RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR fastening system enables solar elements to be fitted to the roof without the need for additional ballast or for perforation of the roofing membrane.

The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system has been developed with full adherence to the philosophy of a PVC-P roof. The result is a system with advantages in every respect for the roofer, building owner and installer of the photovoltaic system.

What are the benefits of the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system?

  • Low weight of the system
  • No perforation of the roofing membrane
  • Possibilities for all roof orientations 
  • Easy, reliable and fast installation
  • Solar elements can be easily maintained and repaired.
  • Costs can be spread
  • For flat and pitched roofs


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  • Per system
  • Per type of building


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  • Documents (CE, DOP,...) 

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