Aluminium profile

Installing an alkorsolar system
The aluminium profile (RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81601) is inserted into the PVC profile (RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 81600), this will ensure straight and correct alignment.
Once correctly positioned the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR PVC-profiles are hot air welded onto the roofing membrane. To avoid ponding water, the profiles are always placed/welded in the direction of the roof slope wherever possible.

PVC profile

Different solar solutions can be fixed on this base/basis of the alkorsolar system.  Or the aluminum construction with rigid solar panels or the supporting plates with amorph solar cells can be fixed with a self tapping
Inox screw .  The fixation takes place without perforating the roofing membrane.  From the beginning of the installation of the pvc profiles to the final installation of the solar element the roof stays waterproof. 

Installing an alkorsolar roof  has to be done by the strict rules of RENOLIT Belgium.  Please contact the technical team of RENOLIT so we can support your project.