Considerations before use :

Dispensing kit for RENOLIT DUALFIX

Only use accessories and dispensing kits supplied by RENOLIT for the processing of RENOLIT DUALFIX adhesive for roofing.




Protective measures

Take protective measures before processing the adhesive as prescribed in the safety data sheet (gloves, protective eyewear, dust masks, work wear, work shoes,...).



Shaking of the canister before use

To guarantee the optimal efficiency of the adhesive, the canister should be shaken before use and before attaching the dispensing accessories. Hold the tank horizontally and shake vigorously for a minimum of one minute.

Closing of the valve

For safety reasons and to avoid loss of adhesive all connectors and valves should be closed before connecting or disconnecting the dispensing accessories.


During any long interruption in application, the canister should be closed completely. The nozzle and spray nozzle should be sealed air-tight or be cleaned by means of the PU-cleaner in order to prevent the premature loss/damage of the nozzle and spray hose.

During short interruptions  (max 1 hour) closing of the connector to the dispensing accessories is sufficient.

Before processing a small bonding test should be carried out to verify if the adhesive is suitable for the application. A bonding of 1N/mm is required.

Adhesive is only permitted for outside use.