The costs can be spread

The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system can be fitted both to new roofs and to existing PVC-P or EVA synthetic membranes. It is therefore possible first to invest in a new roof employing RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 81600 PVC-P or RENOLIT ALKORTEC 81590 EVA profiles; the supporting structures and solar elements can then be fitted at a later stage.

Partial renovation:

Taking into account the major investment associated with the fitting of solar panels, the decision is often taken first to fit a new roofing membrane. Owing to the ease of use of a PVC-P or EVA roofing membrane even after a period of time, it is often possible to renew only the part of the roof upon which the new photovoltaic installation is to be installed. Depending upon the situation, the new roofing membrane is then fitted above or below the existing PVC-P or EVA roofing membrane. The cost of a complete roof renovation is thus avoided.

Please contact the RENOLIT technical team before installing a RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR  system on existing PVC or EVA roofs.