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Case Studies - West Oaks

West Oaks Case Study

Having worked previously with Leeds City Council they were well aware of the versatility of the Alkorplan membranes on new build projects.

This project was different in that it was a refurbishment of a very poor low level roof that as leaking badly. Original specification asked for another felt overlay which had been attempted previously but failed and brought ‘hot working’ problems with the material as well as fire loading issues.

The school would be occupied by children, so noise and site maintenance were a major issue. The Head Teacher wanted a the job finished before exams started and we had a four week window in which to work in.

The roof before

West Oaks Case Study

After visiting the site with the contractors the scale of the leaks and what had happened in the past repairs was soon obvious. A core sample had to be made to determine what damage had happened to the insulation from the water ingress and if it needed upgrading. The roof was covered in indentations that caused water to settle. Chippings on the roof would have to be removed to determine an attachment method for the new roof. As first thought the roof was so poor a bonding to the old roof would not be possible.

A specification was issued based upon a mechanically fixed plywood deck that would provide a level surface and a means to attach the membrane by bonding to keep the noise down. The fact that Alkorplan has a BBA certificate for in excess 30 year life made it the right choice. Approved contractor Advanced Roofing was chosen to install the Alkorplan fleece backed membrane.

The Roof After

West Oaks Case Study