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Case Studies - St Andrews Church

St Andrews Church

Project Objectives

  • To refurbish and extend the existing church building. Phase 1
  • To re-roof and refurbish the children`s day-care centre and corridor area. Phase 2
  • To infill and extend the site creating new interior space. Phase 3
  • To maintain the running of the children`s unit while Phase 1 is completed.
  • Upon completion, move the children into the main church
  • Continue with Phase 2 & 3

Criteria for new roof design

  • The new roofs should match the existing standing seam copper roof of the main church building
  • A more cost effective material was required
  • One which was decorative
  • Involved varied detailing
  • Fast to install
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Provided a 15 year guarantee

The Result

  • All design criteria achieved
  • All phases completed on time
  • The children`s facility remained functional throughout
  • Cambridge Flat Roofing prove the speed and effectiveness of Alkor
  • OWL Architects are pleased with the material and the work of the Approved Alkor Contractor
  • Blackburn Construction are pleased with the assistance and efficiency of the Approved Alkor Contractor
  • The client is satisfied.