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South Cheshire College - Case Study

Back in December of 2008 We were asked to carryout the production of a project specific J42 specification. Each roof was to be comprised of a different build-up/design, numbering10 in total and needed to be a complete project in 2010.

Original specification asked for a single ply membrane to all flat roofs, and a Kalzip roof to the large curved roof area at front of building.

South Cheshire Case Study

After various consultations between ARCHwise & the Architect and client the specification for all flat roofs was changed to Alkor, The Architects practice did have previous use of the Alkor system which also helped.

The Kalzip roof was changed to Alkor copper brown on the recommendation of ARCHwise Systems Ltd The envelope consultant for the project..They had concluded that the use of the Kalzip Standing seam roof would not be as cost effective and the Alkor system for the following reasons:

1: Thermal expansion of the roof up to and around the elliptical roof lights. The cost of manufacture and handling of tapered standing seam sheets.

2: Finally the price difference was considerable and the client was really impressed with the membrane and accessories. Approx. saving of 30%.

Advanced roofing was chosen to install the Alkor membrane, this project started in June 2009 and is still ongoing as you can see by the following photographs.

Copper brown with roof lights and Upstand detail

South Cheshire College - Case Study