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Case Studies - Scotts On The Rocks

Scotts On The Rocks - Case Study

Laydex are the sole distributors in Ireland of the AlkorPLAN PVC membrane used on the flat roofs and balcony of this multi award winning dwelling on the outskirts of Newcastle. 1.5mm thick AlkorPLAN 35170 was used on the flat roofs while fleece backed 1.5mm thick AlkorPLAN 35177 301 glass fibre reinforced membrane was fully bonded to the concrete screed of the balcony. The gutters and perimeter details were formed out of Alkormetal to provide a complete waterproof package.

AlkorPLAN PVC membranes were introduced to the building industry in Ireland in 1995. Many prestigious buildings in Ireland have been roofed with AlkorPLAN since then. The most recent Agrément Certificate states that the life expectancy of the membrane will be in excess 35 years, thus giving building owners and architects more confidence in the membranes when they have to decide which membrane to use on the roof(s) of their new building.