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Case Studies - Rivers Academy

Rivers Academy Case Study

This new build project set a series of objectives to be accomplished in creating an eye catching reception building.

The important feature here was to provide a statement in the transfer of a local community school to Academy status. RENOLIT worked closely with the architect providing robust solutions in order for him to achieve his aims. These included the continuous waterproofing of dramatic circular skylights and the continuous extension of Trespa panelling on the soffit to extend to all the vertical surfaces of the castellated flat roof. In addition there was signage to incorporate without major disturbance and penetration to the new waterproofing. All combined with a requirement for a smooth and crisp roof covering.

Renolit achieved this together with Cambridge Flat Roofing through use of their fully bonded ALKORPLAN A membrane installed in combination with fabricated Alkormetal.

In addition, RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR extrusion designed to fix photo voltaic panels to the surface of AlkorPlan single ply membrane were utilised. These formed a carrier detail for the panels once they had received a primed aluminium plate mechanically fixed to their surface onto which to bond the Trespa.

RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR extrusion was also used as a mount on top of the circular rims of the skylights. They hold the glazed capping in place together with an internal cylinder of silver Trespa material and also hold the new lettering of Rivers Academy.

Careful consideration to drainage off the roof was designed into all surfaces with water being directed away from relevant details by fabricated Alkormetal. The completed result is a dramatic new building with the facade and soffit working in harmony with the waterproofing.