Renolit Energy Policy

We are pursuing the objective of rapidly implementing all energy-related measures which are justifiable in terms of ecology and economy at all of our locations. The use of non-renewable energy to manufacture our products should be reduced to a practical minimum, a step which will contribute to combating climate change. The conscious and careful use of energy is a constant throughout our daily activities.


RENOLIT practices the sustainable use of valuable raw materials and is actively involved in projects designed to save resources. We identify our greatest potentials for improvement and deal with these systematically. We reduce waste and redundancy and we eliminate sources of error and safety deficiencies. We thus not only protect the environment but also reduce our costs and secure our jobs.

Strategic Energy Policy Guidelines at the Site Level

Energy policy folder

Every site creates the necessary framework for successful implementation. 
Every site monitors and analyses the relevant energy consumptions. 
Every site analyses the necessary energy requirement for its manufacturing processes and infrastructure. 
Based on these analyses, every site will introduce sensible measures to reduce consumption. 
Every site will use the option of cascading energy flows to reduce losses. 
Every site will adopt new approaches regarding energy transformation and energy re-cycling and will use worthwhile alternative technologies.

Targets (2010-2013):

The implementation of the energy policies will be coordinated and accompanied by the company-wide Energy Management System (EMS). According to principle of “learning from the best”, we want to examine the processes in even greater detail both in terms of internal comparisons and via external working groups, remedy and eliminate weaknesses and to vie for greatest successes.

The work on highlighting potentials along with the implementation of corresponding measures will be the responsibility of every site. Best Practice solutions will be rolled-out across the whole company by the Corporate Engineering department.

Based on 2010 consumption, the RENOLIT SE Board of Directors has set the target of reducing specific energy consumption across the RENOLIT Group by 10 % by the end of 2013.

To achieve this target, up to 8 % of annual investments will be earmarked for energy saving projects and measures.

For the objective evaluation of specific energy consumption across the whole company, the performance indices [kWh/kg], [kWh/m], [kWh/m²] as well as [EUR/kg] have been decided on.