A Disruptive Sheet Technology for Peak-Performances in the PV industry

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR is a totally new and refreshing sheet technology suitable for photovoltaic backsheets and a platform for integrated solutions in close collaboration with customers looking into new PV module concepts.


A Revolutionary One-Step Multilayer Backsheet Technology

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR is combining in a single production step different layers of well selected polymers in one sheet, using multilayer co-extrusion manufacturing technology and sophisticated formulation know how, present at RENOLIT.

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR one-step backsheet (OSBS)  is using Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA) and Polyethylene (PE) as base polymers. Optimal performance is achieved by smart engineering each of the layers making them work in a synergetic way to match with the demanding requirements of the crystalline silicon (cSi) cell based Photovoltaic module make industry and its stringent standards.

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR succesfully addresses the following topics:

  • A Cost-Performance Balanced platform 
  • Extreme Endurance Proof by 2- SUN testing
  • Enhanced Module Stability by dynamic barrier properties
  • Increased Module Efficiency by bulk pigmentation
  • Adding new degrees of freedom to the PV module designer and process engineer
  • Flexible Development platform

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR's layer structure

  1. White formulated Polypropylene (outside)
  2. White GF-fPP
  3. PP tie layer
  4. White PA layer
  5. White PE tie layer
  6. Transparent PE layer (encapsulant side)