Ready to hike to higher grounds in the PV industry


Match up with the new PV era

Indisputably, an unstoppable global trend towards renewable energy and CO2 reduction is ongoing at an amazing pace for more than a decade now.

In this landscape, Solar PV, and in particular crystalline Silicon (cSi) solar cell based PV has proven to be able to deliver, in terms of cost, scalability, robustness and reliability.

"Scale" is the name of the game

With already >170 of Giga Watt Peak (GWp) cumulative PV capacity installed globally at the end of 2014, equivalent to approximately 1.200 Mio m² of Solar Panels, in combination with a proven grid parity cost situation to date, solar power is exceeding the expectations of many, as an affordable and reliable source of renewable energy.

Just to put things in perspective. Already in Germany and Italy, PV contributes to well over 7% of the total electricity supply. Battery technologies in combination with PV are rapidly emerging to flank solar PV in order to balance supply-demand issues associated with renewable wind and solar power.

The prominent European feed-in-tariff policy and a massive production capacity deployment in Asia further have contributed to this steep raise of PV in the renewable energy mix.

In the renewed Solar PV landscape RENOLIT has the firm ambition to contribute to the renewable energy industry and to become a relevant supplier and partner for engineered backsheet solutions worldwide.