A well balanced backpack

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR is intrinsically a very cost effective backsheet platform, when compared to the well-established backsheet technologies.  

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A Cost-Performance Balanced Product

Backsheets today typically contribute between 10% and 15% in the total component cost mix of a classic cSi PV module, excluding cell cost.

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR is a cost-performance effective backsheet technology with staying power, taking into account and covering all aspects of R&D, material selections, converting technology, industrial scalability, and vertical integration and production efficiencies next to safeguard and enhance cell and module durability and efficiency.

Cost-performance is a mandatory mindset for who wants to be a relevant and a long term partner in a very cost and performance sensitive PV Industry.

OSBS: Reducing 80% of the converting steps

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By using a one-step backsheet (OSBS) multilayer co-extrusion process, RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR has an immediate significant cost advantage over the traditional lamination and coating backsheet technologies.  

OSBS: a Solvent-Free Process

On top, OSBS is a solvent free production process, hence contributing to a more sustainable environment avoiding the solvent based glue systems typically required for the lamination of high performance backsheets.