RENOLIT offers films with crystal clear transparency and / or reflective / water resistant properties for the manufacture of tents, blinds, awnings, canopies, spray hoods and greenhouses.

These films are available in both, transparent and opaque versions. Designed for extensive use outdoors, they provide excellent UV resistance and long term flexibility.

Cristal clear

RENOLIT’s premium cristal clear has outstanding transparency for tent window applications. This soft film is protected against UV rays and stays clear and flexible for years.

The roll clear film is supplied in gauges from 0.100 mm to 1.000 mm and is available as a crystal clear film or with a translucent tint.

High-end functionality

Multitude of technical films
Outdoor films for the manufacture of tents

High-end functionality

Films with reflective properties for blinds, water resistant and UV resistant roll clear for long term outdoor use, or fire resistant membranes (B1) for big tents or the use in public buildings, the range of applications is endless. Designed to achieve specific functionalities, they provide a tailored solution to meet the most demanding technical requirements.