One Adhesive for All

An idea which almost every roofer has had at some stage:  A universal adhesive which can bond roofing membranes as well as flat roof insulations. Well, with RENOLIT DUALFIX this has now become reality. The new universal adhesive for bonding fleece backed roofing membranes and thermal insulation panels is moisture-curing and especially easy to handle.

According to Dirk Van Damme, the Sales and Marketing manager at RENOLIT WATERPROOFING, “Our many years of experience with waterproofing membranes went into the development of this universal roofing adhesive. We are always in close contact with our customers. They gave us the idea and obviously we listened carefully”.

RENOLIT DUALFIX is applied with a spray gun, when used to glue fleece backed membranes, or with a dispensing hose and spray nozzle, when used to glue flat roof insulation panels. Both tools feature quick-release fittings so operators can rapidly switch between gluing membranes and insulating panels.

The one component polyurethane adhesive is totally free of solvents. Further benefits of the new product include the quickness of the installation, the low glue consumption, easy monitoring of adhesive application quantity because of its blue colour and a broad range of application temperatures ranging from +5°C to +35°C. The volume of an adhesive canister is sufficient for between 60 and 100 square meters and empty canisters can be recycled.

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Motif Spray kit:
The spray gun and the dispensing hose feature quick-release fittings so operators can rapidly switch between them.

Motif Canister:
The volume of an adhesive canister of RENOLIT DUALFIX is sufficient for between 60 and 100 square meters.

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