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Welcome to RENOLIT promotion

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the fourth issue of RENOLIT promotion, in which we want to report from the colourful world of promotional articles. And again, we want to know what you think, this time about Corporate Clothing. We would like to know: What do you like and where would you like to see improvements? And above all, we would like to know: Which garments would you like to see added to the “RENOLIT Collection”?

On the subject of promotional presents, we would like to return to your ideas and suggestions – because we want to add some specialties to our promotional article shop in the future.

The promotional article shop will also benefit from a number of new products – the ideas for which largely originate from your suggestions. We would like to take this opportunity of cordially thanking you for your input! Which novelties you will soon be able to order from the shop are listed on the following pages.

But for now, we wish you a good read with this issue of RENOLIT promotion! 

Susanne Greß

Marianne Terry

Materials Management

Corporate Communications

Corporate Clothing 2015

Regardless of whether exhibitions, workshops or other official events: With articles from RENOLIT’s Corporate Clothing program, our own employees are recognizable as such. The collection ranges from silk scarves and ties in our company colours to an elegant wool pullover with discreet lettering on one arm.

The Corporate Clothing collection from RENOLIT presently consists of 16 articles. It was introduced back in 2010. High time therefore to re-vitalize the collection. And that is only possible with your help: We would like to know from you how satisfied or dissatisfied you have been with our Corporate Clothing articles up to now? Is the quality OK? Do they satisfy requirements? And what is missing?

These and further questions can be found in the survey under the following Link>>. Completing the survey takes about five minutes at the most and the survey is active until April 12. We are looking forward to your ideas and suggestions! And as a small bonus, three randomly-chosen participants will receive a small surprise from our promotional article range.

Regional Specialties: What Would You Like?

Chorizo from Spain, Oolong-Tea from China or Baklava from Turkey: A country-typical specialty is always a nice present for business partners or colleagues. In addition, it conveys the message that RENOLIT is a globally-active company. For this reason, we are currently planning to add other regional specialties from various RENOLIT locations to our promotional article range as a supplement to our wines.

But which specialties are typical for your country? Which products would you like to see in our promotional article shop? We invite you to share your ideas and suggestions on promotions@remove-this.renolit.com. Here again, the best three ideas will receive a small surprise.

They Have Finally Arrived: The New 2015 Promotional Articles

The days are getting longer and temperatures are rising: Spring is finally here. One can also notice this in the promotional article shop where five new items have arrived recently. Four more will be available soon. All satisfied demands and the minimum order quantities. We will briefly present these nine newcomers in greater detail below: 

Key Fob with Shopping Cart Chip
This attractive key fob will put an end to searching for a suitable coin for the shopping cart or swimming pool locker. The metal chip is securely held with a magnet. The solid metal housing makes a very robust impression which perfectly reflects the high quality of our products. The RENOLIT logo is located in the middle of the fob and serves as a reminder of who we should thank for this invaluable gadget.

Automotive USB Charger
MP3 player, digital camera, navigation device or mobile phone – we are surrounded by energy-hungry devices. This “Double Car Charger” makes sure that these do not run out of power so quickly when in the car. As the name says, two devices can be charged at the same time. All one needs is a USB charging cord and a cigarette lighter socket. The housing is RENOLIT blue plastic and www.renolit.com is printed between the two charging ports.

Magnifying Glass with Stand
Sometimes one needs to examine something in detail – such as when a décor is being evaluated. In such cases, which increasingly occur during the daily routine of many RENOLIT employees and their business partners, a magnifying glass is very useful. This magnifying glass with stand is made of high-quality, black plastic with the RENOLIT logo on the side in discreet grey.  

Professional Tape Measure
For the do-it-yourselfer or in day-to-day situations: Professional tools are a pleasure to use. The same applies to this tape measure: Its weight is an indication of its quality and this product perfectly reflects our company promise: “Rely on it”. The logo is located prominently on one side.


Picnic Blanket
Everybody loves to head outside in the spring – but at this time of the year fresh green grass can still be cold and damp. This plastic-coated picnic blanket keeps everything dry. And when the blanket is unpacked, the RENOLIT logo reminds the owner where this practical blanket came from. 



Cup „Sophia“
On the wish-list of many for years and now finally available from our promotional article shop: A RENOLIT cup. This unique model called “Sophia” has an elegant but classical shape. The RENOLIT logo, which is engraved in the glazing gives the cup a particularly exclusive touch. An our www.renolit.com web address is on the handle.

Shower Towel
Dry and cosy – these emotions are often associated with shower or bath towels. An excellent present and reminder of the company. The RENOLIT logo is located on a label on the side. And to make sure the message is not forgotten, the towel is supplied in RENOLIT blue. In addition, the core values of our brand are embroidered in six different languages.


Thermos flask: Bopp Hot
A thermos flask makes life more pleasant – it keeps ice tea for the picnic cool in the summer and the tea hot in the winter. In addition, the Bopp Hot model is a real eye-catcher and was awarded a Red Dot for good design. The laser-engraved RENOLIT logo adds to its classy looks.

Pocket Mask
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can save lives – but it needs nerves. The Pocket Mask avoids the transmission of pathogens and thus belongs in every first-aid kit. The RENOLIT logo on the packaging indicates where this small life-saver came from.

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