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Welcome to RENOLIT promotion

Dear Employees,

Welcome to the second issue of RENOLIT promotion. With this Newsletter, we want to inform you about the latest news concerning RENOLIT promotional articles.

For example, we are launching the promotion of wine orders from our promotional article shop. The RENOLIT location in Villatuerta has got the ball rolling with six selected red and white wines. Please remember that you must indicate your requirements by November 14!

And of course, we look forward to the year ahead. You can register your interest in 13 new promotional articles until the end of November. The full line has something for every taste or occasion. In case you think something is missing or if you have questions regarding promotional articles, please email us at promotion@remove-this.renolit.com.

But now we hope that you enjoy reading this issue of RENOLIT promotion.

Best wishes,


Susanne Greß Marianne Terry Sonja Winter Steffen Spendel

Wines From Navarra, Spain in the Promotional Article Shop

“In vino veritas” – in wine, there is truth. Even the old Romans knew this. And even today, wine is an ideal way of expressing friendship or good business relations. For this reason and with Christmas coming up, it is now possible to order a small selection of fine wines from the RENOLIT Promotional Article Shop.

Every year, the wine will come from another RENOLIT region. The first will be from Navarra, a region in which our Villatuerta plant is located. The area is known for its full-bodied red wines but also produces one or the other good white wine. 

A total of two white and two red wines in different price categories are available. The wines are also attractively packaged: The bottles can be ordered in one-, two- and three-bottle cartons. A discreet RENOLIT sticker serves to identify from whom the present is.


As they are sourced directly from the producer, the wines must be ordered by November 14 at the latest. Delivery then takes about two weeks so that the wines will be at the locations in good time for Christmas.

New Promotional Articles for 2015

There has never been such a large range. And 13 new products are now available in the Promotional Article Shop. Please register your requirements because the goods can only be ordered if the minimum order quantity is reached. You thus decide which articles the shop offers. Apart from the 13 new items, the requirement of a number of other established products is being determined. You have until November 28 to submit your requirements.

In the following, we would like to present the new products in greater detail:

Key Fob with Shopping Cart Chip
“Can you change a Euro?”, a question almost everybody has posed at some time or other. The question need never again be asked with this key fob with an integrated shopping cart chip. And so that the owner never forgets who he has to thank, the RENOLIT logo is located in the middle of the fob.


Automotive USB Charger
MP3 players, digital camera or mobile phones: Nearly all electronic gadgets have charging cables with USB plugs. The double USB charger can be used for two devices at the same time. Simply plug the charger into the cigarette lighter socket. www.renolit.com is printed on the middle in black.

Senz Collapsible Umbrella
Why are umbrellas always round? The question also interested the company Senz who developed a model which is totally different to other umbrellas. In addition, the Collapsible Umbrella is extremely storm-resistant and can withstand winds of up to 80 km/h. The lettering www.renolit.com is discretely printed in black on the dark-blue umbrella.


Fare Big Umbrella
Regardless of whether one is out and about or the rain has just become a downpour, sometimes the umbrella cannot be large enough. In such cases, the Fare Big Umbrella is just what you need, now the largest umbrella in the RENOLIT Promotional Article Shop. Like the previous model, the lettering www.renolit.com is discretely printed on the umbrella.

Base Magnifier
To examine decors or to see the small print in terms and conditions; if it’s too small for the eye, a magnifying glass is necessary. This magnifying glass has a matching base – the perfect present for critical customers or business partners. The RENOLIT logo is clearly located in the side of the magnifying glass.  


Professional Measuring Tape
Hobbyists or professional tradesmen value a good measuring tape. The weight and feel of this product reveals its quality and perfectly underscores our company’s motto “Rely on it” which is prominently printed on the side.

Picnic Blanket
Most people enjoy being outside in the nature but a beautiful meadow in a park can be damp even in the afternoon. This picnic blanket with a plastic coating keeps everybody and everything dry. And when it is unpacked, the owner will be reminded where the nice blanket came from when the RENOLIT logo appears. 

Plastik Travel Bag for Liquids
Experienced flyers already know: Not more than 100 ml of a fluid can be taken on board in hand luggage and must be stored in a transparent, re-sealable bag of max. 1 liter volume. The RENOLIT Promotional Article Shop now offers such a bag with the RENOLIT logo printed on the side.

Cup „Sophia“
Cups are a favourite promotional article – they get used for years and thus serve as a long-time reminder of who gave the present. This model with the name “Sophia” impresses with its elegant and classic shape. The RENOLIT logo which is engraved into the blue glazing gives the cup an even classier touch.

Jogging is good for health and fitness but in the autumn and winter, the low temperatures are not all that make life difficult for enthusiastic runners. The darkness is a real danger especially when the after-work run is on public roads. Joggers and runners can significantly increase their visibility for other road users with Snap Bracelets on arms and legs. Because the fluorescent yellow film comes from RENOLIT, the black www.renolit.com lettering is only fitting.

Bath Towel
For the sauna, the swimming pool or simply for the shower at home. A good bath towel dries well and feels great. An excellent present and an on-going pleasure. The towel’s design and blue colour always serve as a reminder of where this present came from.


Thermos Flask Bopp Hot
Hot tea in winter or cool lemonade in summer – many beverages just taste better at the right temperature. And possible with a thermos flask. The model Bopp Hot is a fine example of such a flask and was awarded the Red Dot for good design. The laser-engraved RENOLIT logo adds to its classy looks.

Pocket Mask
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can save lives but requires strong nerves particularly when common colds are prevalent. The pocket mask stops the transmission of pathogens. Actually there should be one in every first aid kit. The RENOLIT logo on the packaging shows where this small life-saver comes from.


To submit your requirement of new or existing promotional articles, simply go to the RENOLIT promotional article shop at www.promotions.renolit.com or via this Link>>.

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