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Welcome to RENOLIT promotion

Dear Colleagues,

Promotional articles will experience some big changes in 2014. One of these is what you are reading right now: With Newsletters such as this, we will inform about all that is new in the field of RENOLIT promotional articles. In these, we will present new products and provide background information. But the most important change for you is: You can now decide which articles are in the future line-up and which not. For more detail, please refer to the corresponding section further below. Also new are the promotional articles which made the lineup last autumn. These are again presented in detail in this Newsletter.

In addition, the purchasing department and Corporate Communications have clarified responsibilities regarding promotional articles: Steffen Spendel from Corporate Communications will be responsible for the design and lineup of articles. Materials Management with Susanne Gress and Sonja Winter are responsible for the procurement of all promotional articles.

Naturally, so many changes generate a lot of questions. For this reason, we have created the email address, promotion@remove-this.renolit.com which can be used for questions, requests for advice and new ideas.

But now we wish you an enjoyable read of the first issue of RENOLIT promotion.

Best wishes,

Susanne Greß Sonja Winter Steffen Spendel
Material Management Materials Management Corporate Communications

New Promotional Articles for 2014

A hot/cold compress or a high-quality wine set from Menu? Or even both? The choice is yours. Because starting with this Newsletter, you can decide which promotional articles are added to the line and which not. At the same time, you can decide which articles should remain in the lineup and which should be withdrawn.

To find the changes in the promotional article platform, go to www.promotions.renolit.com: Here you can also order your promotional articles as usual. But from now on, this is where new articles will be showcased.

Every promotional article shop user will be informed about new additions and have four weeks time to decide how many of which articles are going to be ordered within the next 12 months. All articles which reach their minimum order quantities will be added to the lineup. This procedure will also apply to current articles whose stocks are drawing down. Not included are standard shop articles such as pins, writing pads and notebooks.

The background to this new procedure is that in the past, high storage costs were often generated by very low volume articles. Users should therefore decide which products are added or not added to the promotional article lineup to ensure that the range remains attractive and up to date. A secondary benefit is that lower costs will be generated by rarely-ordered articles. Of course, we would be pleased to receive suggestions for new promotional articles by email at promotion@remove-this.renolit.com.

You will find a link to the first novelties for the first half-year 2014 on the starting page at www.promotions.renolit.com (login necessary). If you have questions regarding the new ordering procedure, please contact Susanne Gress (susanne.gress@remove-this.renolit.com) or Sonja Winter (sonja.winter@remove-this.renolit.com).

Soccer World Cup Articles

The soccer World Cup in Brazil will be the sporting highlight of 2014. Apart from Germany, also qualified are Belgium, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain and the USA, all countries with a RENOLIT presence. A perfect opportunity therefore to present a gift to a business partner or a company visitor. The five special soccer World Cup articles can be ordered from the online shop.

The articles are in a variety of price categories from a small EUR 1.00 giveaway for exhibitions to a high value present for customers or business partners for EUR 18.50. As the products lose all value after the championship, only articles which reach their minimum order quantities by March 7, 2014 will be purchased. All articles will be shipped by the end of April at the latest, in good time for the World Cup.

You will find a links to the five promotional articles for the soccer World Cup at the starting page of www.promotions.renolit.com (login necessary).

These Articles Are Also New

Jelly bears, a first aid set, a quality writing set and much more – in 2013 a number of new RENOLIT promotional articles were introduced. High time to take a look at these new items before others are added.

Jelly Bears
Jelly beans are loved by both youngsters and seniors and are a great alternative to chocolate. Here at RENOLIT they come in small white bags with a four-colour printed logo. Every small packet contains about 10 grams or about eight jelly bears. The minimum order quantity is 100 bags. These sweets are thus perfect for exhibition stands or for pick-bowls in reception areas.


Handy Cleaner
Life without Smartphones is unimaginable these days. But the versatility of these phones has its downside: During use, the touchscreen gets marks and smears, above all in summer. This is where Handy Cleaner comes to the rescue. With its microfiber surface, it returns displays to their pristine original condition. If it gets dirty, cold water is all you need. With its self-adhesive backing, it can be attached to every phone. In the shop, the Handy Cleaner comes attached to a backing card with the RENOLIT motif. Other motifs can be chosen for quantities over 200 pieces – an excellent opportunity, for example, to advertise a forthcoming exhibition or event.
Pad Ball Point “Bristol”
Touchscreens are very comfortable to use but many users would like more precise control. The answer is the Pad Ball Point. At the end of this ball point is a small, hard rubber ball which is perfect for hitting touchscreen icons and keyboards. The name www.renolit.com in silver reminds recipients who they should thank for this practical pad ball point.

First Aid Set
After a small accident in the kitchen or after a fall from a bicycle – everybody in such a situation is thankful for a first aid set. And with the cheerful “Get well soon” is on the set, any pain is quickly soothed. The first aid set from the RENOLIT promotional article shop contains a triangular bandage, a gauze bandage, disinfectant pads, plaster, scissors, safety pins and sticking plaster (Conforms to EN 13485:2003 standards).

Children’s Umbrella
Children are also a target group of RENOLIT – regardless of whether children of employees or a present is needed for a Kindergarten tombola. Children will love this umbrella with the frog’s face. After all, your very first own umbrella is an important milestone! And parents may even notice the motto on the perimeter: RENOLIT – Rely on it.



Multitool Swiss Peak
Whoever picks up a Multitool Swiss Peak will first notice the weight of this multifunctional tool. 13 different tools can be folded out and the whole Multitool has a quality feel to it. This also applies to the laser engraving of www.renolit.com on the handle. The Multitool comes in a quality box with a cloth storage bag. An excellent and useful present to express appreciation to both customers and business partners.

SENATOR Image Black Line
This writing set consists of a fountain pen and a twist-retract ball point. Both are chunky with a gunmetal finish. www.renolit.com is laser engraved into the rubberized grip so that the gunmetal finish below can be seen. The fountain pen has a stainless steel nib with an iridium tip, the ball point a high-volume metal refill with blue ink. The writing set is packaged in a high-quality carton case with a magnetic latch. A very elegant present from the German SENATOR brand which will provide hours of writing pleasure.

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