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And Action: A New Image Film for RENOLIT

At the beginning of 2017, the RENOLIT Group will present itself and its values in a new image campaign. This will include new advertising motifs, a new company brochure and a micropage on the RENOLIT website. There will also be a new image film for which a film crew recorded initial footage over three days in September.

Kathrin Johannsen, who is looking after the image campaign for Corporate Communications, offers some insights into the new company film: “The new film will be shorter than the old one and will focus more on practical applications of our products and our company values.” It is thus oriented to the overall image campaign says the Communications Designer; “While the old film concentrated on what we make, the new film should highlight who we are.”

The final scenes of the film will be shot in early December. After editing, synchronization and final approvals, it should be finished in February 2017 – together with the other image campaign measures.

A Big Step Forward in Social Media

RENOLIT has selected an agency which, in the future, will accompany the company in its activities in social media such as Facebook, Twitter & Co. “To date, we have pursued a passive strategy in social media to avoid an uncoordinated presence on the web. A sustainable social media strategy should now be developed and implemented and for this we need the assistance of a specialized agency” explains Tobias Schenkel from Corporate Communications.

Three agencies were therefore invited to Worms in July 2016 to explain their social media strategy processes and how they would approach the matter at RENOLIT. Apart from Tobias Schenkel, Sandra Gerber (Head of Corporate Communications), Regine Koudela (Communications Manager, Corporate Innovation), Johanna Schlörit (Specialist in Personnel Development and Employer Branding) and Ephraim Härer (TYPO3 programmer at RENOLIT) took part in the selection process.

The winner was the Heilbronn-based digital agency LINGNER.COM. Together with this agency, a social media strategy will be developed which will be oriented to the Business Units. Tobias Schenkel: “We will determine the size and scope of our presence in social media. Exactly how and with which intensity this will happen will be decided by the Business Units themselves.”

RENOLIT Family Day in Worms: Successful Because Well-Planned

The 2016 Family Day in Worms was a tremendous success, and not just because of the perfect weather. A large number of volunteers kept everything running smoothly. The event was planned by an eight-member core team, which spent months preparing the day. Involved from the very beginning: Marianne Terry from Corporate Communications – responsible for the planning and implementation of all event communications.

The multi-stage communications concept ranged from the first information about the date of the event on the intranet to posters, personal invitations, the search for helpers, parking information and to the final image gallery in the intranet. “I developed and implemented the whole communications plan” says the trained event manager, “I was also involved with everything which needed creation, whether presents for our employees, admission tickets or an information display about the location’s history.”

As is always the case at such large events, there was plenty of last-minute things that needed to be done – for example coordinating films of the Business Units at the site. “It was a hectic time! But everything went well and I am proud.” And the reaction of visitors was thoroughly positive. Looking back, she says, “All in all, it was a nice project.”

  • Intranet Expanding
    After Chevigny, Enkhuizen, Frankenthal, Munich and Worms, La Porte will soon get its own local intranet pages. Further locations will follow and interested parties are welcome to contact Tobias Schenkel (tobias.schenkel@remove-this.renolit.com).
  • Presents from Rhine-Hesse Region
    On the occasion of the 200th jubilee of the Rhine-Hesse region, there is an opportunity of purchasing selected specialties of the region from the promotional items shop. All registered users of this shop have already received a corresponding e-mail with ordering details. If anybody else is interested in what is on offer, they should contact Marianne Terry (marianne.terry@remove-this.renolit.com) to gain access to the promotional items shop from the service provider “Hauptfleisch”.