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The Strengths and Weakness of the RENOLIT Brand

RENOLIT enjoys an above-averagely good brand reputation and brand loyalty. This has been confirmed by an analysis performed by Biesalski & Company. According to this, our brand image is comparatively clear and interesting and customer’s value the RENOLIT brand greatly. However, the consulting agency identifies need for improvement in the areas of brand recognition and brand presentation.

According to Sandra Gerber, Corporate Communications departmental head at RENOLIT: “The positive brand reputation and the very strong brand loyalty of our customers which the study shows was already confirmed by our last brand status analysis. RENOLIT enjoys a high degree of trust and strong loyalty. Regarding our brand recognition and presentation, we see further potential”. She continues: “An initial step will be our new image campaign which we are currently developing. But the communications and marketing activities of our business units are also playing their part”.

In recent years, the Biesalski & Company agency organized the most successful “Hidden Champions” ranking for the German WirtschaftsWoche business magazine. According to this ranking, RENOLIT was among the Top 20 companies in Germany for the third consecutive time.

Exhibition about the Chemical City Worms

Many residents of the city of Worms are proud of their “leather tradition” even though the last leather company closed back in 1974. These days, the chemical industry is the largest industrial employer and an economic driver. This change from a leather to a chemical city was the subject of an exhibition in the Worms “Kaiser Passage” from May 17 to June 5, 2016. 

Under the motto “Chemicals + Worms = a sustainable combination”, the interesting development of the industry was presented in a comic style on 11 large cubes. In addition, there were numerous exhibits which graphically illustrated which products are made in Worms.

The exhibition project was sponsored by seven local chemical and plastics companies together with the Rhineland-Palatinate Chemical Industry Association. A multistage program accompanied the exhibits including a “Chemicals Day” which gave visitors an insight into the world of chemicals, a “Training Day” with information about training and opportunities in the companies as well as an “Economy Day” which included discussions with politicians and industry representatives.

“The response to the exhibition was tremendous” said Steffen Spendel who is responsible for location marketing in the Corporate Communications department. “Many local residents had the opportunity of finding out what is made here and I think we succeeded in showing how important our company is for this city”.

Reference Agreement Regulates the Use of the RENOLIT Logo

For many suppliers and service providers, RENOLIT is one of the largest customers and furthermore, an internationally renowned name. It is therefore hardly surprising that many of our business partners like to use our company as a reference.

Corporate Communications and RENOLIT’s legal department have now created an agreement, which clearly governs the use of our word and logo brands for reference purposes. For example, this ensures that the logo is not reproduced in a modified or altered form. This agreement should therefore always be used when third parties (customers, business partners, etc.) want to use the RENOLIT logo. This document is available in English and German and can be modified to suit individual requirements as long as the core agreements are not altered.

“We are creating a reference list of users of our logo and/or our company name. This will allow us to monitor who is using RENOLIT as a reference” explains Marianne Terry from Corporate Communications. She is responsible for reference registrations and maintains the list. If you have questions regarding this topic, you can contact her by e-mail at marianne.terry@remove-this.renolit.com.

  • RENOLIThistory also for customers and visitors
    At the end of August, RENOLIThistory, a special edition of the in-house magazine RENOLITnews commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the company, will be delivered to the RENOLIT locations. Because the history of the company is also of interest to customers, business partners and visitors, Business Units and locations can order additional copies. If you are interested or have questions, you are welcome to contact Steffen Spendel (steffen.spendel@remove-this.renolit.com).
  • Company Presentation Update
    The RENOLIT Group’s presentation has been updated and now includes 2015 group sales, annual production and current 2016 budget figures. In addition, small adjustments have been made to the presentations of the Business Units. You can find the new company presentation on the intranet under RENOLIT Global >> KNOW-HOW >> Communications >> Presentations>> as well as under RENOLIT Global >> RENOLIT Group >> Company>>.
  • Greeting and Condolence Cards in the Promotional Article Shop
    Life is full of pleasant and sad moments. And for such occasions, a card in the RENOLIT design with a personal message is a nice gesture. Our promotional article shop has now included greeting and condolence cards in its range. The appearance of the card will be renewed every year.