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New Look for Company Presentation

RENOLIT is an innovative company. This is reflected both visually and also in terms of content by our new Company Presentation. “The new version contains significantly more information at the same time as being more clearly structured” says Kathrin Johannsen who is responsible for Corporate Identity and Corporate Design in the Corporate Communications department. For example, the company’s Corporate Guidelines are now also included. And other topics such as innovation, VinylPlus, RESPONSIBILITY3 and the eight Business Units are covered in greater detail.

RENOLIT Slide MasterAlso new is that there are now two versions of the Company Presentation: A long version from which everybody can use the parts needed including an image film and a short version which just contains essential information.

The visual change is even more pronounced. The company presentation is now based on the new RENOLIT master overhead slide file in a modern 16:10 widescreen format. This offers more space for content and is better suited to today’s flat screens and beamers.

Two other communications tools were also updated albeit less conspicuously. The image text and the boilerplate were revised to reflect the 70th anniversary of RENOLIT this year.

The new company presentation and the new master overhead slide file can be found under RENOLIT Global >> KNOW-HOW >> Communications >> Presentations.

You can find the current image text under RENOLIT Global >> KNOW-HOW >> Communications >> Image text and the revised press release template under RENOLIT Global >> KNOW-HOW >> Communications >> Business Stationery.

Always on the Lookout for Interesting Promotional Articles

Small presents facilitate friendships. And almost every company uses promotional articles. But interesting promotional articles are not just important for this reason: If they are practical and often used, they serve as a constant reminder of the company. In addition, they are important give-aways at events, exhibitions and trade fairs.

give-awaysRENOLIT always looks forward to new suggestions for additions to our standard program. Within Corporate Communications department, Marianne Terry is responsible for promotional articles and says “Employees often know best what their customers or partners might still need or find interesting”. She makes just one restriction: The articles must not cost more than EUR 35 because up to this amount, presents can be off-set as expenditure. Above this sum, they are subject to tax.

Marianne Terry stresses: “It is difficult to satisfy everybody’s taste with promotional articles. We therefore always welcome new ideas. The final design and realization is then my job”.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please e-mail marianne.terry@remove-this.renolit.com .

RENOLIT at 70: How the Company Plans to Mark its 70th Anniversary

2016 is a special year for RENOLIT because our company was founded in Worms 70 years ago on May 4, 1946. No large celebrations are planned for this year. Instead, we plan to celebrate in five years, the 75th jubilee of RENOLIT when we want to show our employees what a rich tradition their company has.

70 Years of RENOLIT

  • Special Issue of RENOLITnews
    The first issue of our Employee’s Newsletter deals exclusively with the subject “70 Years of RENOLIT”.
  • Family Day in Worms
    On September 25, 2016 we will hold a Family Day in Worms to which current employees at the Worms location, pensioners and their relatives will be invited. Other locations are expressly encouraged to think about hosting similar events. Plant Managers who are interested in organizing such an event should contact Carolina Guichet from Event and Travel Management (carolina.guichet@remove-this.renolit.com)
  • Public Relations for the Local Press and Specialist Publications
    On the occasion of the company’s jubilee on May 4, 2016, a Press Release with historical image material will be sent to the local press and specialist journals.

Corporate Communications will make diverse communication materials available for this anniversary, such as a jubilee advertisement, a dedicated flag or internal communication templates. If you are interested, please contact Marianne Terry (marianne.terry@remove-this.renolit.com) from the Corporate Communications department.

  • New Document Folder for RENOLIT
    At exhibitions or production sites: Representatives of the media as well as customers and colleagues always appreciate detailed hardcopy information. The promotional article shop now has a document folder made of films from RENOLIT PROFESSION in which documents can be elegantly stored and handed-out.
  • Image Copyright Guidelines
    RENOLIT communication documents may only use images for which the copyrights are valid for the whole RENOLIT Group. But apart from that the subject of “Image Rights” contains a number of pitfalls. For this reason, we have issued new Image Copyright Guidelines which can be found on the intranet under this Link>>.