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Strategy Compliant – Domains at RENOLIT

In March, RENOLIT agreed a group-wide domain strategy. The guidelines were developed by Corporate Communications in close cooperation with the Board and with input from marketing specialists at the individual Business Units. “Our aim was to harmonize the addresses of all RENOLIT websites and thus strengthen our umbrella brand strategy” says Regine Koudela, who was responsible for developing the strategy for the registration of domains at RENOLIT.

“Domains” are the addresses of websites on the internet. Just as with brand names, a good name can make the difference between success or failure and a cumbersome domain will attract significantly fewer visitors. At the same time, it is important that all domains reflect the customary syntax of RENOLIT.

Regine Koudela adds, “This domain strategy clearly defines which addresses new websites must have, regardless if they are for new products or campaigns”. The new domain strategy and further information on the topic “Domains at RENOLIT” can be found on the Intranet under RENOLIT Global >> KNOW-HOW >> IT >> Domainmanagement

Now More Personal: Update for RENOLIT’s Intranet

The RENOLIT Group’s Intranet experienced a small revolution on August 3. Hardly noticed by most users, a new function was introduced which allows every user to compile his or her customized information package. Most of thumbnails on the desktop can be exchanged, re-arranged and customized to suit the user’s preferences.

It started very unspectacularly: Intranet users in Worms can now view all personnel changes at their location”. In the future, there will be more such specialized thumbnails” says Regine Koudela from Corporate Communications who did supervise the update. A number are currently being prepared and further ideas are always welcome at the e-mail address: tobias.schenkel@remove-this.renolit.com.

To redesign their desktop, users must first register with their Intranet access data. After returning to the desktop, click on the logo to access the link “Customize page”. “This will allow every user to customize the Intranet according to personal preferences” says Tobias Schenkel who took over responsibility for the Intranet at Corporate Communications in November. “Our Intranet is already an excellent communications tool but we have some more ideas for the future”.

RENOLIT on Site – Local Public Relations Work

Products which are valued throughout the world and a brand which stands for reliability in many markets and countries: RENOLIT is a globally-active company. But in spite of all the internationality, the work, the production and the development of new products all takes place at our company’s locations. Guidelines introduced in March can now help to make the public more aware of our individual locations.

According to Sandra Gerber, Head of Corporate Communications, “These guidelines should help increase local awareness of locations”. There are many reasons why this is good for the company: It is always good to be known as a good employer when trying to recruit qualified employees. At the same time, a positive company image is motivating for the existing workforce. In addition, location marketing as a public relations exercise is an important component of our communications if an emergency arises.
“A location which is known as an important and reliable employer as well as an environmentally conscious company with strong regional ties is more likely to receive support in the case of an emergency” adds Steffen Spendel from Corporate Communications, who is also responsible for location marketing. “If a workplace accident or the discharge of a chemical substance is the first the public hears about a company, it is correspondingly difficult to reverse the negative first impression.” Another advantage of active location marketing are contacts to the local press which can be beneficial in case of an emergency.

The “Local Public Relations Guidelines” were sent to General and Plant Managers at all RENOLIT locations in March this year. Initial public relations projects have already developed from these guidelines at our locations in La Porte and Frankenthal.

• Gold for RENOLIT’s Intranet
The nearby Ludwigshafen-based digital agency Cyperfection received this year’s golden Fox Award for RENOLIT’s Intranet platform. The jury found that the RENOLIT Intranet was above-average in all criteria and was an inspiring showcase example in its category.

• Business Units easier to find on websites
Since September 9, visitors to www.renolit.com have been able to locate Business Units more easily: In the upper part of the screen, users can now select business areas of the RENOLIT Group along with applications and product brands.