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What Does RENOLIT Online Look Like?

How should one design a website, Newsletter or blog so that it has the “RENOLIT” look? Up to now, the Corporate Design Manual which contains all RENOLIT design guidelines, could not answer every question. This situation should now be rectified - with your help.

Kathrin Johannsen, also responsible for the Corporate Design Manual, summarizes the necessity of the project as follows: “The differing technical requirements of the various media and platforms need a flexible design framework. Nevertheless, such a framework needs defining so that every medium can be clearly associated with RENOLIT”. First, the current situation will be examined. How does the RENOLIT Group present itself in online media? At the same time, it is also of interest to know which new media should be used in the future.

These questions have already been sent to the responsible Marketing people and the Heads of corporate departments. The responses will be gathered until Friday, November 14, 2014. Evaluation will start thereafter.

The responses are vital to get a realistic picture of the requirements across RENOLIT. “We place great importance on getting everybody on board” says Regine Koudela, who is looking after the project together with Kathrin Johannsen. “At the same time, it is also a perfect opportunity for all to exercise some influence on the future design guidelines”.
This is an important topic for us, because: The RENOLIT brand will be strengthened with a harmonized image, particularly our online image.

Wines in the Promotional Article Shop

Especially at Christmas, wine is a favourite present for business partners. For this reason, the RENOLIT Promotion Article Shop is again offering a small section of wines for a limited period.

Every year, the wines offered should come from a different RENOLIT region, starting this year with the Navarra region where the RENOLIT plant in Villatuerta is located. The area is known for its full-bodied red wines but also produces one or the other good white wine.

A total of two white and four red wines in different price categories are available. The wines are also attractively packaged: The bottles can be ordered in one-, two- and three-bottle cartons. A discreet RENOLIT sticker serves to identify from whom the present is. As they are sourced directly from the producer, the wines must be ordered by November 14 at the latest. Delivery then takes about two weeks so that the wines will be at the locations in good time for Christmas.

Eliminating Paper

Business trip applications in their present form will soon be a thing of the past at RENOLIT. This will be made possible by digital business trip management which will be introduced at RENOLIT next year. In the future, business trips will be planned and approved via the Intranet.

This new procedure has a number of advantages: The software will automatically flag-up any details which are missing from the application. The digital form will be identical to the present paper version. After dispatching the request, the applicant can track the application to see whether it has been approved or if certain approvals are still missing. Managers can also issue approvals by email and even by Blackberry.

There will also be benefits for business trip management itself. Business trip lists will be created automatically, a significant saving of time. It will also be possible to establish where all RENOLIT employees on business trips are at any particular moment. A great help if, for example, airline flight schedules are disrupted for any reason.

What appears to be a futuristic plan at the moment will be become reality for RENOLIT CONTACT in Worms in the first quarter 2015: This Business Unit will be first to test the new system. In the second quarter 2015, the system will be extended to the whole Worms location. Thereafter, the system will be progressively introduced at all other RENOLIT locations. Currently, there is no firm timetable for the roll-out.

• New Promotional Articles Feedback
The demand for 13 new items from the RENOLIT Promotional Article Shop needs to be submitted by November 28, 2014. Users have to register in the shop and indicate their requirements for the coming year. This information is important because only articles which reach their minimum order quantity can be included in the range.

• Intranet 1.1
RENOLIT has a better Intranet since Friday, October 31, 2014. The 1.1 version has a number of new functions and has been simplified. For example, personal employee profiles have been significantly expanded and the search function has been further improved. Furthermore, small first-version errors have also been rectified.