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Design and create newsletters easily with our new tool

Now you can easily design and create newsletters by using a new tool. This new tool, which is based on the Typo3 content management system of our RENOLIT website, is available throughout the entire group. It was also used to create this current issue of the RENOLIT eCOMMUNICATION newsletter.

The user friendly tool can be used for creating internal newsletters within the RENOLIT Group and for external newsletters (e.g. for clients) too. You can create individual mailing lists and it is also possible to build up a registration mask on our website where interested people can subscribe to the newsletter.

Please contact Regine Koudela (Corporate Communications) if you are interested in using this new tool.

New image text for RENOLIT

Our corporate image text has been updated. The text available in German or English includes a general enterprise introduction, as well as an overview of its product portfolio, and has the objective of providing a unified presentation of the RENOLIT Group. This image text is, for instance, currently used on our corporate website and on leaflets. We would like to ask everybody involved in the realisation of communication activities to exclusively use this up-to-date version of the text in future. Only in this way can we ensure a consistent corporate presence.

You'll find our new image text here.

Image posters updated

Currently, there are six image posters of the RENOLIT Group, which represent the enterprise brand values as well as the topic of sustainability, which is at the heart of our operations. The core value of "reliability" together with the brand values "highly valued", "innovative", "cooperative" and "open-minded" form the basis for our activities and for a shared vision. The posters in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Russian language versions have been shipped to all our locations at the end of 2010.

The contents of two posters have had to be adapted in the meantime:

  • "Cooperative approach" theme
    Due to the closure of the RENOLIT EXTRUSION Business Unit, we are now talking about seven instead of eight business units in the so-called message square. Please ensure that we are in future only represented with seven Business Units in all communication media, and make corresponding adaptations if required.
  • "Reliability" theme
    Thanks to the acquisition in the area of medical films in China, the RENOLIT Group employee number has risen from 4,000 to 4,500 people. This required a text adaptation in the message square.

Print data of the updated image posters will be provided to all enterprise locations and in all language versions. We'd like to ask all locations to take on the responsibility of organising the reproduction and replacement of both posters in which the content has been changed.

Print data for download:

English    German    Spanish     French    Dutch    Russian 

Mailin Schneider (Corporate Communications) is your contact partner if you have any questions regarding this topic.

VinylPlus: All good things come in threes

We can announce three news items at once regarding VinylPlus, the sustainability programme of the European PVC industry: The Progress Report & Executive Summary about VinylPlus was published, a new movie about the initiative was created and the programme was mentioned several times in the international arena as well as at the Rio+20 UN sustainability conference.

  • The Progress Report comprehensively reports about the progress made in the VinylPlus European sustainability initiative. It is available in many different languages. Additionally, an abstract of the results is provided in an Executive Summary, which is also available in many different languages. You can download the Progress Report and the Executive Summary by using the following link:
  • A new movie is dedicated to the topic of the VinylPlus sustainability programme. This movie, which is just short of two minutes, is available in German and English. It introduces the objectives, the supporting organisations as well as the dimensions of this programme in the European context. Furthermore it describes the central aspects of the European PVC industry's voluntary commitment. This movie can be downloaded from the Intranet using the following link:
    If you don't have access to the Intranet you can download the movie following this link.
  • Rio+20 is the UN follow-up conference on the so-called "Rio Summit" from 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, during which among others the "Agenda 21" action programme has been agreed, which is regarded as a milestone on the path to sustainability. The objective of VinylPlus, to recycle 800,000 tons of PVC every year until 2020, was published in a press release during this year’s Rio+20 UN environmental summit from 20th to 22nd June 2012. VinylPlus was furthermore a topic discussed in two sessions of the UN Partnership Forum, and was included in the Rio+20 Registry of Commitments. You can consider it as another success that the Vinyl 2010/VinylPlus voluntary commitment is listed as a best practice example in the Green Economy Roadmap of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).
  • New architect website
    We created a new section on our website, which is aimed at addressing architects in particular. Have a look at it here.
  • “Nibelungen run” in Worms
    The 9th of September a total of 101 runners will start for the RENOLIT team, in which five locations are represented. Please keep fingers crossed for our team from 10 o'clock!
  • Updated corporate presentation
    The corporate presentation has been reviewed due to changes in the organisation. You'll always find the most topical version on the Intranet. If you don't have access to the Intranet you can download the latest version following this link.