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Five Years of Umbrella Brand Strategy…

…and there is still much to do. In 2008, the agency Hübner & Sturk was charged with strategically planning the process of re-launching RENOLIT’s harmonized brand structure.

The background to this step were the numerous acquisitions RENOLIT made between 2006 and 2009. These led to the company not just doubling in size but also paved the way for the internationalization of the Group. But this growth also created a complex structure of company and product brands which were completely different in terms of appearance. At the beginning, it was hardly distinguishable that these brands belonged to the globally-active RENOLIT Group.

For this reason, the decision was taken in 2009 to concentrate all product brands and groups under the umbrella brand RENOLIT. This move was designed to strengthen the RENOLIT brand as well as the individual product brands. The existing, worldwide registration of the RENOLIT brand also played a role. This will prefix all product brands and product groups and also increase the protection of individual brands as well as providing differentiation to other brands already registered by their manufacturers.

Apart from underlining the common bond between RENOLIT products, the umbrella should strengthen identification with the company. With this in mind, internal employee interviews were conducted in 2009 with the question: What does RENOLIT stand for and how should the RENOLIT brand be positioned and perceived by their target groups? The term “Reliability as a fundamental value in a partnership” recorded the greatest approval. Reliability, which is part of the logo claim “Rely on it” was identified as a core RENOLIT value. Four additional basic values were defined which generally affect the actions of the RENOLIT Group: High quality, open-mindedness, a cooperative approach and innovation.

“Since then, these brand values have been reflected in numerous communications media such as image posters, the Company Guidelines or the company’s image brochure. The actual umbrella brand strategy is best understood with the help of the list of brands on our Group’s internet page” says Sandra Gerber, Head of Corporate Communications.

The process of giving RENOLIT a clear and distinctive image is far from completed. Sandra Gerber adds, “The strategic objectives of Corporate Communications in general is influencing how defined target groups see a company. For example, this is an important aspect in the area of personnel recruitment: How interesting is RENOLIT as a potential employer? Can I identify with the company”. But Corporate Communications also plays an important role in the area of product marketing: “More and more markets are characterized by the interchangeability of the products available. We therefore have to distance ourselves from the competitors with the help of our Corporate Image”. Maintaining our good image can also be viewed as an investment in the future: Build empathy and goodwill in good times to cushion the impact of any negative publicity.

To summarize: A good image creates the prerequisites for a lasting and secure positioning of our company and our products. Our harmonized brand and Corporate Identity communicates certainty and reliability to our business partners.

If you have any questions regarding RENOLIT’s umbrella brand strategy, please contact Sandra Gerber (sandra.gerber@remove-this.renolit.com) or Kathrin Eckhardt (kathrin.eckhardt@remove-this.renolit.com) from Corporate Communications.

Promotional Material for All

Folding yardsticks, pens, flashlights and much more – the range in the promotional article shop of RENOLIT is not just of interest to customers and business partners. Many employees are also interested in these products.

As already practiced elsewhere, they can express their bond to the company with these items. For this reason, RENOLIT employees will be able to access the promotional article shop from the end of May this year. To order such articles privately, employees can simply go to the promotional article shop (promotions.renolit.com) for home. There will be a universal log-in for all private orders: The user name is privatbesteller, the password is worms04051946 (the founding date of RENOLIT).

Employees can then order goods just as in every other online shop. However, orders have to be paid-for in advance. The exact amount including shipping will be shown on the email order confirmation. As soon as the promotional article shop has received the payment, the items will be dispatched immediately.

To increase the appeal of the promotional article range, a series of new products will be offered in the coming weeks and months. We will inform you about these in our next Newsletter.


“Think outside the box. Create something new”  – under this motto, RENOLIT HORIZON connects knowledge and creativity among our own workforce, customers, suppliers and research institutes. To make this even easier in the future, the presentation of the project in the Intranet and website was revised.

Internet visitors can now also inform themselves with the help of the official information flyer. The RENOLIT HORIZON website can be accessed with the following link:  http://www.renolit.com/corporate/en/innovations/renolit-horizon/

Furthermore, the RENOLIT HORIZON Newsletter in five languages as well as downloadable idea suggestion forms can be accessed on the Intranet. With the latter, every RENOLIT employee can pass on ideas for new developments or products innovations simply and easily. The RENOLIT HORIZON Intranet site is under CURRENT >> RENOLIT HORIZON.