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New Communications Concept for RENOLIT HORIZON

The future demands ever more sophisticated developments. Innovative ideas are needed. The new innovation platform RENOLIT HORIZON is designed to create completely new opportunities. The mission of RENOLIT HORIZON is to identify and compare the potential of new materials and technologies and to integrate these into our products, to promote the interdisciplinary exchange between research and the industry and to generate impulses for new functionality, materials and markets in and around the area of plastic films and related products.

RENOLIT invites employees, suppliers, customers as well as educational and research institutes to develop new solutions for the future together with the company within a global knowledge network which spans all industrial sectors.

To better anchor RENOLIT HORIZON in the consciousness of the target groups, RENOLIT has now given its idea network a new image, logo and Key Visual. As part of the review of the communication concept, the RENOLIT HORIZON content was revised and new, attractive communications documents created. For on-site communications, a poster and a roll-up banner were developed which are designed to draw attention to the innovation platform at specialist exhibitions, in-house displays, design centers, conferences, etc. Special advertisements and a flyer should serve to give RENOLIT HORIZON wide publicity. All four communications media will be available in both German and English. The roll-up banner is a large-scale poster which is easily rolled-up and which can be displayed at special events. As regards the advertisements, there will be a possibility to adapt these to regional publications. As a tried and tested medium, the RENOLIT HORIZON flyer can be distributed to business partners, customers and universities.

If you are interested in finding out more about these new communications media, please contact Christiane Sperlich from the Corporate Communications department or if you require more information you can contact the RENOLIT HORIZON Project Leader, Dr. Rupert Schnell.


Google Analytics Gives Insights into the RENOLIT Website

How many people visit the RENOLIT website? Which pages do they view? Where do they live? Questions such as these are reliably answered by Google Analytics. This most-used domain analysis tool was introduced in summer 2011 along with the relaunch of the RENOLIT website. The objective is to analyse and, if necessary, to optimize visits to the site. Google Analytics not only allows a subject-specific analysis but also when the site is visited to check the ROI of a marketing measure like a Google Adwords advertisement or a competition. 

Page views per country:

The value of the facts and figures supplied by Google Analytics is shown, for example, by the first quarter 2012. From January to March, more than 62,000 people visited the RENOLIT website; the number of pages viewed by far exceeded a quarter of a million. On average, every visitor viewed 5.5 pages.

Most viewers used a search engine (54.93%) to find RENOLIT. 22.71% or 22.36% enter the address directly or follow a link from another website. When search engines are used, the most commonly entered terms were “renolit”, “renolit worms” and “ondex”, the three most-used keywords which, interestingly, were all entered into the Google search engine.

Also of interest are the country statistics which Google Analytics supplies. Most visits were recorded in Germany, followed by the important markets of China and the USA. Your contact for further questions on Google Analytics is Ms. Regine Koudela from the Corporate Communications team.


RENOLIT presents its first image film

The RENOLIT Group’s new image film shows an authentic and sympathetic view of itself, its services and employees. Based on the image brochure and bearing the same title “360 Degree Perspectives”, the film shows the Group’s products and solutions as well as the people which make all this possible. RENOLIT will use this modern and fashionable communications medium to convey a positive image by addressing customers and to present the activities of the company while strengthening the company’s brand image and generally stimulating interest in RENOLIT.

The four and a half minute image film, which is currently available in German and English, will be accessible on the RENOLIT website. In addition, it is perfect for use at exhibitions and events but also as a presentation of the company at customers and partners. All employees are requested to use every opportunity of showing this film in their daily activities to ensure maximum publicity.

At present, the file formats .mov and .wmv are being offered on the Intranet. If your PC has a problem showing these formats, please contact your IT department which can install suitable freeware (VLC Media Player) on your computer.

If you are planning a film show at an exhibition or some other event, we recommend ordering a Blue Ray disc. This offers the best high-definition video quality and thus the maximum impact.

Are you interested in other language versions?
Currently we are collecting all requests for further language versions and we look forward to your responses until end of May. If demand exists, we will look into producing further language versions.

Please direct all enquiries concerning the image film to Ms. Mailin Schneider from the Corporate Communications department.


  • VinylPlus Member Certificate

  • The new member certificate from the European sustainability initiative VinylPlus is now available. You can download it here.

  • Image database being prepared
    We are currently working on the realization of a comprehensive database which will make image material available throughout the Group. At the moment, technical implementation is taking place and we will keep you informed as to its status.

  • Brochure "Everything about PVC"
  • Have you already seen the brochure "Everything about PVC" from PVCplus? You can download it here.

  • Charity Swim for Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Kerry Stevens from RENOLIT Cramlington is doing the Great North Swim. If you would like to support her for this charity project please visit https://www.justgiving.com/kezpetlamb