New practical advice

What to do when window frames or sashes are dirty? This question is faced not only by builders and professional cleaning companies, but also by the people at construction sites.

To raise awareness for the subject of cleaning among trade show visitors, the RENOLIT Film Service put the focus of its demonstration for this year's fensterbau/frontale on this area. The company expects a similar resonance as two years ago when the subject was repairs. Marketing Manager Sibylle Kahl would like to continue the principle of "We want to offer more than just film" in this to make the slogan continue to apply after the trade show as well: RENOLIT. Just relax.

Small quantities in demand

Additionally, the RENOLIT Film Service has expanded its offer by a slitting service. The reason being a high demand for the growing offer of colours and woodgrains in all nuances among builders and architects. This often leads to reduced film quantities per colour. The company has adjusted to this trend, now offering short rolls with lengths starting at 200 metres via the slitting service. Their width can be freely chosen from 30 to 130 millimetres in steps of five millimetres.

Gentle cleaning

Cleaning is about removing normal deposits that have accumulated over the course of time. Often the film surfaces of brand-new window profiles also have to be cleared of paint, plaster and adhesive residues. "If you clean too roughly, you can easily destroy the attractive looks," Film Service Manager Harald Neunzehn warns.

The basic principle is: Never use any aggressive cleaning agents that have an abrasive or dissolving effect. Abrasives are forbidden as well as benzine or sharp-edged tools that leave permanent mechanical traces.

Showing patience

Too persistent scrubbing and rubbing at one spot may already destroy the film structure. The once-glossy or structured surface then appears matte - this is not particularly terrible at first glance, but: "On the one hand, dirt particles will adhere more easily to the rougher surface, on the other hand, wrong treatment may cause hairline cracks," Harald Neunzehn explains the sobering facts. Water can then enter, the sun protection function is impaired, the film may come off over the course of the years.

Suggestion of the specialists: Hot water with detergent, a soft rag or a soft brush at the most, are quite enough. Time and patience are of the essence because if you are not allowed to scratch or push, you will just have to wipe for longer.

250 trainings

Brought to life in 2012, the RENOLIT Film Service shows an impressive result only two years after it was founded: Harald Neunzehn and his employees have shared their knowledge of film repair with more than 600 specialists in about 250 training events and issued the corresponding certificates. Depending on customer wish, the Film Service offers training at the headquarters in Worms or right at the customer's site. Additionally, the department sells the repair films available for all designs of the RENOLIT EXOFOL family. This service range and the newly introduced slitting service clarify the importance of the services.

The company

The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for over 65 years, now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and sales entities.

Image captions:

Motif slitting machine
The RENOLIT Film Service can produce short rolls of 30 to 130 millimetres width via an individually adjustable slitting machine.

Motif cleaning
Even for such gross contamination, warm water with detergent, a soft rag and a soft brush will be enough to make the RENOLIT EXOFOL films resplendent in a fresh gloss without harming the surface.

Motif slitting service
The increased offer of colours and woodgrains drives up the demand for short rolls starting at 200 metres.

Motif training
Within two years, the RENOLIT Film Service has trained more than 600 specialists in film repair.

All photographs: RENOLIT SE

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