Films for facades

Facades come in all sorts of different designs. Coloured façade boards are increasingly being used in modern architecture to provide design highlights.

Apart from their decorative purpose, it is important that they retain their colour over their entire life and that they are easy to clean.

Die Folie ist schmutzabweisend und pflegeleicht: Selbst Graffiti lassen sich mühelos entfernen

film coating with anti-graffiti-effect

These demands are fully met by RENOLIT EXOFOL FX high-performance films.

The surface characteristics of these films are such that graffiti on building  parts coated with these films can be removed with a special cleaner. Even in places which are difficult to access with sprayers, the easy-to-clean product with its low surface tension stops dirt adhering.






RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is well-known for the foiling of window profiles.

The film is often used in the luxury segment as well as in climatically challenging regions such as the USA, China, India, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Japan and Vietnam.

RENOLIT EXOFOL FX is the ultimate product of exterior films, it is particularly suitable for outside use and facades. Everything is possible. Just contact us with your ideas.