3D Thermolamination

Experience the likeness.

With Synchronized Embossing technology that is worth the name.

Discover the new RENOLIT décors with Synchronized Embossing. You will see and feel the special properties immediately. Thanks to a new technology, the embossed pores exactly echo the printed image. As a result, the appearance and the feel are a perfect match.

What you see is what you get: check out the synchronicity for yourself. Discover woodgrains that look impressively authentic; deceptively real!



3D Emboss in Register Designs North America

3D Synchro NA

3.0105.006 - 157200
Taction Oak Alabaster Synchro

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3.0105.007 - 157200
Taction Oak Argento Synchro

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3.0105.009 - 1 572 00
Taction Oak Gibraltar Synchro

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3.0105.010 - 157200
Taction Oak Kodiak Synchro

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3.0105.008 - 1 572 00
Taction Oak Palomino Synchro

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The natural talent in detail.

Technical details and specifications.

What is it that makes these products so special? Proven, easily workable 3D thermolaminates that offer a particularly natural look thanks to a new production process.


Film thickness 0.30 mm
Width of surface design 1420 mm
Minimum order quantity 25 lm
Length of rolls Standard size rolls: Approx. 250 lm

RENOLIT COVAREN Taction Oak Alabaster SYNCHRO 3.0105.006 - 157200 S40.42.34.0004.000 Arauco Prism WF432 Alabaster
RENOLIT COVAREN Taction Oak Argento SYNCHRO 3.0105.007 - 157200 S40.42.34.0003.000 Arauco Prism WF433 Argento
RENOLIT COVAREN Taction Oak Gibraltar SYNCHRO 3.0105.009 - 157200 S40.42.34.0002.000 Arauco Prism WF434 Gibraltar
RENOLIT COVAREN Taction Oak Kodiak SYNCHRO 3.0105.010 - 157200 S40.42.34.0001.000 Arauco Prism WF436 Kodiak
RENOLIT COVAREN Taction Oak Palomino SYNCHRO 3.0105.008 - 157200 S40.42.34.0005.000 Arauco Prism WF435 Palomino

Uniquely authentic, in eight variants.

In addition to the Taction Oak Synchro stocked in North America, benefit from a growing selection of décors featuring the Synchronized Embossing out of our Global Collection. Oak EndGrain Syncho offered in six variations and Gladstone Oak offered in two variations. 

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Even better than the real thing –
especially for surfaces subjected to extreme stress, the scratchresistance and stain-resistance of thermolaminates quickly prove their worth.