RENOLIT 3D Stock Range – A widely applauded collection

Tastes differ just like people themselves. With our 3D Stock Range there are products to satisfy every desire. This unique range is a collection of more than 170 solid colours, woodgrains and abstract prints that are available worldwide.

RENOLIT is the market leader in 3D thermoforming films. Our surfacing products have been developed to meet the highest standards of design, quality and performance. RENOLIT 3D films can be used for a variety of applications including furniture components for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom markets.  

With their limitless possibilities, they also offer innovative solutions for retail interiors, hospitality areas and office spaces.

The RENOLIT 3D Stock Range provides the furniture component markets the widest and most sophisticated product range currently available. This contains a superb collection of woodgrains, abstract prints and trendy solid colours and they are always in stock. We are constantly developing original design solutions to meet the needs of an ever changing and demanding market by offering new trends and ideas.

The RENOLIT 3D Stock Range is based in two individual brands, each with distinctive and appealing product characteristics.
RENOLIT COVAREN is the premium Stock Range with newly-developed, sophisticated surface structures which set new trends. Incredibly realistic woodgrains are almost indistinguishable from real wood. The range of solid colours contain metallic effects as well as trendy matt finishes. Superb high-gloss films are available in a variety of colours and brilliant decors.

RENOLIT ALKOREN presents a classic collection of woodgrains and solid colours. All the major types of woodgrain are available in a range of different shades and tones. Choose between oak, beech, maple and cherry, as well as exotic timbers and fashionable fruitwoods. A wide range of solid colours covers the whole palette – from light to dark and vibrant to subtle.