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RENOLIT 2D films – as imaginative as your ideas

When we are talking about decorative surface materials, RENOLIT is the first choice: the defining features of our 2D product range are technical expertise and experience combined with creative skills and the highest standard of design. As a RENOLIT customer, you have the widest range of highly-developed 2D industrial films to choose from, with a whole series of qualities, characteristics and processing options that cover almost every application.

When we talk about furniture, they bring beauty and performance to profiles, cabinet doors, drawers and many other component parts. When we talk about interior finishing, they decoratively cover room doors, wall and ceiling panels and even line refrigerated trucks and cold storage areas. The caravan industry uses RENOLIT films for the interior furnishing of their vehicles and the consumer electronics industry values them as decorative surfaces for loudspeakers.

Outdoors, some of our films offer protection against expose to the elements and can be used to decorate garage doors, blinds, trailer parts, etc. Our materials are also frequently used for the interior finishing of ships and in the furnishing of public buildings where they meet legally mandated standards.