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Recyclingsystem für Kunststoff-Dach-
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We Have it Covered

RENOLIT supports the pan-European ROOFCOLLECT to collect and recycle PVC roofing and underlays

Die Dachbahnen werden möglichst eng zusammengerollt

The aim of ROOFCOLLECT, a program set-up by the leading manufacturers of plastic roofing and underlays, is the cost-effective and environmentally compatible collection and recycling of PVC roofing underlays. RENOLIT actively supports the pan-European program. ROOFCOLLECT was founded in 2003 by the manufacturers of plastic roofing and underlays. ROOFCOLLECT has been a success: recycling volumes of end-of-life roofing and waterproofing membranes have increased from 1,633 tonnes in 2011 to 2,580 tonnes in 2012.

Long Tradition of Recycling at RENOLIT

Already back in the 80’s, RENOLIT was a co-founder of the recycling plant of the AfDR (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für PVC-Dachbahnen-Recycling) in Germany. According to RENOLIT Business Unit Manager Christian Vergeylen: “We wanted to promote the use of the new material PVC against the backdrop of the previously used bitumen and demonstrate to PVC opponents that the new material is sustainable and recyclable. In 1987 the company was a co-initiator and one of the founders of the ESWA and thus also of the ROOFCOLLECT program”.    

The first plastic roofing and underlays for flat-roofs appeared on the market in the early 70’s.  The old roofing and underlays are presently collected by ROOFCOLLECT and efficiently recycled with a highly positive eco-efficiency. Following the success of ROOFCOLLECT in Germany, other European countries have now joined the program. These include the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, all countries in which RENOLIT has distributorships or manufacturing plants.

Chair of the Supporting Foundation

With ROOFCOLLECT, the manufacturers of plastic roofing underlays made a contribution to the initiative VinylPlus. With this program, manufacturers voluntarily agreed to collect and recycle additionally 800,000 tons of PVC up to the year 2020. ROOFCOLLECT is one of many recycling programs initiated by VinylPlus, in which RENOLIT Board Chairman, Michael Kundel is one of the board members.