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Recycling at the Worms Plant

Making New from Old

RENOLIT Standort Worms recycelt Restmaterial und Folienreststoffe

RENOLIT’s plant in Worms recycles waste materials and waste films

Recycling waste products and films from our own production is far more difficult than is generally assumed. The technical effort of recycling ten tones of waste films back into the manufacturing process is considerable. The RENOLIT plant in Worms invested about EUR 1 million and needed about two years planning and construction time to get a suitable line into operation in 2008.

The majority of the recycling line consists of a shredder and an agglomerator. The shredder transforms the film material into small flakes, about 1.5 tonnes per hour. Prior to agglomeration, in which the flakes are pressed together while hot, they pass a metal separator in which all traces of ferrous and nonferrous metal are removed.

An Established Part of Film Manufacturing

The line can produce about 600 to 800 kg of agglomerate in various colours per hour. “They are then mixed with the material which is the substrate of standard decors which is the ultimate application” says Michael Cornelius, head of quality management at the Worms plant. This allows us to replace a large part of the original raw material with our own recycled material.

The advantage of this complex process is plain to see: Disposal of waste material is eliminated, virgin raw materials are saved, energy consumption is cut and raw material resources are correspondingly protected.  Apart from the environment, this protection of resources benefits Group added-value and numerous requests for similar lines from other RENOLIT Group plants have already been received.