Sustainability secures the future

RENOLIT is aware of its responsibilities towards people and the environment

As a medium-sized, family-owned company, RENOLIT is particularly obliged to sustainability:

  • As a contribution to maintaining the livelihood of today’s and future generations
  • To guarantee the long-term success of the company
  • In its obligations to employees as a reputable employer

Environmental Protection – A core Responsibility

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality film products, environmental protection is a core responsibility for RENOLIT. An active role, for example, in the promotion and introduction of ecologically harmless and resource-saving production and disposal processes is an inalienable prerequisite for the future success of RENOLIT.

Protecting the Environment as a Development Objective

As an innovation leader and technology driver in the field of films, RENOLIT promotes the development of ecologically sound products and systems. Examples of current innovations are ALKORSOLAR profiles and HELIOTOG panels that hold solar modules or highly reflective ALKORBRIGHT films which help save energy. Useful developments in terms of sustainability are films in the area of water – the most important consumable. With water reservoir films or seepage protection films, RENOLIT helps make clean water available to all people around the world.

Recycling Worms

RENOLIT’s plant in Worms recycles waste materials and waste films

Roof Collect

RENOLIT supports the pan-European ROOFCOLLECT to collect and recycle PVC roofing and underlays


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