“Rely on it” – But Now only with…

The RENOLIT logo features conspicuously on company entrances, gate houses and buildings throughout the world. It also has to be on business stationery, forms and visiting cards. But every now and then the old RENOLIT logo can still be seen.

Isabelle Specht from the Corporate Communications department is responsible for the company’s Corporate Design: “The logo without the claim is no longer acceptable but can still be found especially on business stationery, forms, price lists, contract and agreements and on visiting cards. We therefore like to take this opportunity of kindly requesting the responsible people at our locations to replace all these remaining old logos. If you have questions regarding the correct use or positioning of the logos you are welcome to contact me”. 

The current logo with claim can be downloaded from the global intranet where templates can also be found on how it should be used. All this can be found under the following link:

Clear rules exist for the use of the logo which must be observed. Otherwise its impact may be diluted and its recognition value reduced. The word and design mark is important to RENOLIT because it serves company recognition, and at the same time, reflects the company’s core values. The logo and claim is an important element of the Corporate Design which should project a uniform RENOLIT corporate image.