RENOLIT donation projects 2016

Once again this year, the RENOLIT Group donates to charitable organisations at Christmas time.

Here you can find some more information about the donation projects:


RENOLIT SE, Worms donates to:

„Worms macht die Klappe auf!“ (Short movie against prejudice about refugees)

“Worms macht die Klappe auf!” is a young initiative that takes a stand against racism, right-wing extremism and misanthropy in Worms. After a contest, searching the best movie idea it is scripted now and will be shot soon with a professional film crew. The short movie will show a story about prejudice against refugees and about getting together and living together.


DRK Kreisverband Worms e.V. (Shelter for homeless people)

Living space not only pleases essential human needs or provides protection against cold and rain. It is also a necessary condition for the protection of the basis of existence through employment. Since Christmas 1987, the DRK runs this shelter for homeless people in Worms. Sixteen women and men can stay there for three nights per month.


Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Kreisverband Worms/ Alzey (child welfare agency)

The child welfare agency in Worms is a shelter and counselling centre for children and teenagers who are affected or threatened by sexual assault as well as physical or mental cruelties.


RENOLIT SE, plant Frankenthal donates to:

Frankenthaler Tafeln (Ecumenical association for homeless people)

Die Frankenthaler Tafel ist für alle Mitbürger mit niedrigem Einkommen gedacht. Die Helfer der Frankenthaler Tafel sammeln Lebensmittel, die von Sponsoren gestiftet werden und geben diese an Bedürftige ab.


Street Doc (Ecumenical association)

Street Doc is a cooperative project providing health care for disadvantaged groups. Doctors and dentists offer free medical care at social hot spots in the city of Ludwigshafen and surroundings of the town. This offer is for homeless people, asylum seekers or people without medical insurance. 


RENOLIT SE, plant Thansau donates to:

Sternstunden des Bayrischen Rundfunks

Relief projects for children in need in Bavaria, Germany and worldwide.


RENOLIT SE, plant Waldkraiburg donates to:

BRK Waldkraiburg (Bavarian Red Cross)

The donation will be used to purchase a new rescue vehicle.


RENOLIT SE, plant München donates to:

Insartaler Tisch e.V. (Collecting food for people in need)

Many people in Germany and even in the prosperous exurban areas of Munich live below the poverty line. These people hardly find jobs at the moment or for a longer time to earn their living by themselves. More and more of them are dependent on social benefits. Often their dignity falls by the wayside. “Isartaler Tisch” is a charitably private organization. They gave themselves three basic rules: to relieve immediate distress and help during an acute shortage, to help on an equal footing with people and to save people’s dignity. 


RENOLIT Cramlington Limited, Cramlington donates to:

Cleaswell Hill School

Cleasewell Hill School is a local school for children aged between 3 – 19 years who have either learning needs or physical disabilities. The school is raising funds to build a hydrotherapy pool. The warm water of a hydrotherapy pool helps children to relax when their muscles are tense, either due to pain or a neurological condition. They can perform exercises in the water to improve their range of movement or strengthen their muscles.


RENOLIT Nederland B.V., Enkhuizen donates to:

Het Hertenkamp

Het Hertenkamp is an animal farm, almost 90 years old. People with disabilities help to take care of the animals but can also do activities like crafting. Het Hertenkamp also helps people who are without a job for a long time by offering them an internship to prepare them to return to a new job.


American RENOLIT Corporation, La Porte donates to:

Supporting a local family in need

American RENOLIT Corporation is adopting a local family with additional donations from the employees. They use the money to buy clothes, coats and gifts for a family that is struggling. Melissa Gruber from American RENOLIT Corporation will take them shopping and get them some holiday food, warm coats, hats and gloves as well as some gifts for the kids.


RENOLIT Hispania, S.A., Villatuerta donates to:

Building their future

Building their future is a project with the goal to build school facilities in Kenia and to give the children the opportunity of education. This project enables the children to develop, it gives shelter and protection and provides a daily warm meal.