Innovative Search of Ideas

Scouting and Open Innovation – important innovation cornerstones at RENOLIT

As all products have a finite life, the active quest for innovations is a permanent and compelling process for a company like RENOLIT. To generate ideas for new products and systems, RENOLIT uses Scouting and Open Innovation. The joint objective of both methods is shorter Time-to-Market and Cost-to-Market.

Scouting: Quest for technologies, trends, markets and changes
Technology scouting is based on the structured observance of technologies. Another objective is the early recognition of changes, potentials, and relevant knowledge of technological developments and processes.

Open Innovation: Utilization of external expertise
The scope of Open Innovation is an information and idea exchange with external experts in both directions. Supplementary to the internal innovation process, workshops with suppliers and customers as well as idea competitions at colleges of architecture and design, participation in research projects or discussions with end users in the construction industry such as architects or developers take place.