Speed Motion

What drives people to climb the highest peaks or even go to the moon? Why do people climb without ropes and drive the most dangerous routes? It seems that modern humans intentionally place themselves in danger. With no safety net to fall back on, they engage with their innermost nature and revisit a time when life was still a constant battle for survival. In such extreme situations, we once more experience risk as a natural part of life and thereby find the courage we will need not only on the mountain precipice but also in everyday life.

Far outside our comfort zone, we grow beyond ourselves. We experience our strength, and above all our self. This is why durable materials such as leather and stone are trending, as are stretch fabrics, sequins and pearls for brave highlights. In terms of colour, bronze, intense dark red and extreme shades of yellow and orange dominate – these are energycharged tones which are attracting plenty of attention in the new
season. Initial furniture interpretations feature this powerful interplay in combination with shades of grey or highly expressive stone and wood décor.