Slow Motion

In our fast-paced age, we are once more developing an eye for the small things by the wayside. Things which we normally heedlessly rush past because we are always fixated on the next goal. More and more
people are breaking out of this driven state to discover the benefits of a slower pace. They are richly rewarded for doing so – those who take the time give their bodies and minds the opportunity to more consciously perceive sensory impressions and thus enjoy everyday things more intensively.

Mere seeing is increasingly accompanied by touching and feeling, which is why SLOW MOTION emphasises tactile experiences. The first choices are colours such as pearl grey, linen, deep cement grey and metallic
anthracite. These are calm, subtle tones which emphasise the material all the more. Trending textiles are above all natural fibres such as silk and cotton. They are often cleverly combined with transparent fabrics,
which possess huge appeal this season. By contrast, interior design is rather more muted, yet elegant, in its combinations. Light Woods and concrete looks bring calm and balance in to our living environments
of tomorrow.