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Solarmour – the next generation of RENOLIT films for self adhesive applications

Calendered films with temperature reduction functionalities


Films with Solarmour technology are the next generation of high performance films for the car wrapping industry. High energy costs and global warming increase the need for temperature reduction functionalities.

Car wrapping with Solarmour films can reduce the soak temperature and thus increase fuel economy. The higher durability of those films can lead to better cost effectiveness.

With lower energy consumption and higher durability Solarmour films can help saving resources and energy.

How does the new technology work?

Solarmour films reflect most of the sun’s energy in the infrared band and thus lowers temperature on film surface.


What are the strengths of films with Solarmour technology?

• Up to 16°C (29°F) temperature reduction on film surfaces with Solarmour technology compared to standard formulation.*

• Cool films last longer.

• No change of basic formulation – same processabilities conventional films.

• Can be manufactured in gloss or embossed surfaces.

• Available in opaque polymeric formulations but also as 'smoked clear' film.

• Works for all thicknesses from 60 μm (2.4mil) and above.

• Works with all adhesive systems.

Solarmour films have outstanding advantages in terms of application and product features, which increases the efficiency of your product.

*The range of temperature reduction is dependent on color

Numerous Application Possibilities

Solarmour films can of course also be applied to numerous other surfaces, such as:

• Vending machines

• Utility vehicles

• Tanks and silos

• Facades

• Ships

Where a high temperature occurs and a high durability is needed Solarmour films can be the right choice.