RENOLIT SIGN – Focus on Decor

Calandered, opaque or translucent films for self-adhesive applications

  • Plotterfolien für Motive oder Schriften

The films (gauges: 60 to 200 µm, widths: up to 2 m) for the production of self-adhesive plotter films are available in an extensive palette of colours, with various surface structures and in a range of qualities. They are designed for use in computer assisted decorative design and for indoor and outdoor signage.

  • Opaque, colourful films
    Various surfaces (matt to high-gloss) and various qualities. For indoor advertising or for outdoor advertising in difficult climatic conditions (for example, container signage, for covering beads and flanges or the total covering of vehicles). All are available with monomer or polymer plasticizers.
  • Transluscent or transparent coloured films
    Specially designed for the covering of back-lit surfaces and for transparent effects (such as neon advertising) or back-lit acrylate or glass surfaces.
  • Banner films
    Highly flexible and colourful films with flexible substrates (such as banners or awnings).
  • Dayglo films
    With extraordinarily dazzling colours for emergency or safety signs. Available in single or twin layers. They are primarily designed for indoor use but can be used outdoors for short periods of time.
  • Template films
    For covering flexible and rigid backgrounds when painting or spraying. Sandblasting films can be used to create designs or signage on granite, stone, glass and wood.