A Fresh Breeze for Facades

In the past, the colour of facades was decided by the colour of the material used. These days, a colour is mostly Chosen which Highlights the individual character of the Building, sets Trends and corresponds to the Zeitgeist. In the Colour Road Trendservice, we present the current colour Trends which we have developed for you to meet your specific facade requirements.

Versatile Surfaces, Manifold Possibilities

An enormous range of possibilities are offered by Aluminium as the base material and the current RENOLIT REFACESK colours. For example, it is possible to achieve a satin matt, lustrous surface structure which Looks especially elegant in silver or anthracite tones. One way or another, the result is impressive and makes facades to what they actually are - a buildingĀ“s visiting card.

Natural Tones, Inspiring Results

Silent Transformation - the colours of this trend Topic are mainly inpired by the material sandstone. With ist puritanical sensuality, this widely-used materil stimulates our desire to develop the whole new range of RENOLI REFACESK products. Just like sandstone which takes bizarre formations from the wind, our films can adapt to the most extraodinary circumstances. They can be applied to all edges, even out slight uneveness and can be easily applied in winy weather.

Delicate Nuances, Robust Quality

Blue is probably noch the first colour to come to mind when thinking about facade design. At first glance, blue appears cool and unfamiliar in these parts but also stands for modern achitecture, for example, if steel and reflective blue glass are combined. In other countries, blue is a much more common facade colour and in Indian Jodhpur, blue dominates the whole City. Let yourself be inpired by our two trend colours. In Addition, we offer you the opportunity of creating new shades. And in a quality and colour stability which will satisfy in the long term.